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About Us

Outside The Square is a marketing and advertising agency offering a wide range of services to both Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) clients.

Our Story So Far

Established in 1995, Outside The Square has worked with a diverse range of organisations, large and small from a variety of industry segments. Common to all is the requirement for a professional agency capable of delivering tangible business benefits at a cost effective price.

So, what's it all about? Well, Outside The Square is a marketing and advertising agency. OK, but that could cover a multitude of sins. Clearly we do all the pretty stuff - you know - ads, brochures, mailers, press releases, web sites, exhibitions, multimedia presentations - the stuff people see. And yes, we come up with the ideas, write the copy, do the designing, arrange production and we're good at it, but you'd expect all that!

What makes us different is we do the unglamorous stuff as well - developing strategy, setting objectives, planning campaigns, market identification, building media lists, media planning and buying, developing offers, evaluating effectiveness - proper marketing.


  • Hollywood Dreams new collection

    Oustide The Square Marketing

    The Hollywood Dreams 2013 is now available and online. Beautiful photography of Mariana's latest creations taken at Brocket Hall.

  • Ceramic Art on Show

    Oustide The Square Marketing

    Fenella will be showing her fabulous works at Ceramic Art London this April from 12th to 14th.

  • Lobster Pot revamp

    Oustide The Square Marketing

    Simon Rhodes sells fabulous fresh fish from the Lobster Pot in Hungerford - we're just giving his website a facelift.


I'm not sure where we would be without Outside The Square, our brand, web site - everything

Marina Adamou, Hollywood Dreams

Marketing Services

Outside The Square can be engaged as a full service agency or to provide individual services as required.

Pick and Mix

We can be used to supplement in-house or retained agency skills or offer short-term solutions due to heavy project load or staffing issues. You can choose to retain our services for an agreed period or call us in on an ad-hoc or project basis. Whichever you choose, you will receive tangible business benefits.

Oustide The Square Marketing

Marketing Management

Experience gained working at senior level with a range of organisations in several sectors lets us uniquely contribute to the process of Marketing.

Setting marketing strategy, how you operate in the competitive environment, agreeing marketing objectives, feeding up into corporate objectives and down into sales objectives - you know, the whole planning thing.

All of this would usually be the domain of your marketing director - that's fine for large organisations with big budgets. But what about new start-up and smaller organisations that can't afford to invest in a full time high-level marketing resource?

Outside The Square can help by providing such a resource on an 'as and when required' basis - an experienced marketing professional to act as your marketing director. Your organisation benefits from experience gained and lessons learned through many years of working with other organisations combined with a fresh outside perspective and no internal political agenda.

Usually, an arrangement is made for a pre-determined number of days per month with access at other times.
At its most fundamental level, brand is the way consumers identify your product or service and as distinct from other similar offerings. Branding started off with the practice of cattle farmers burning their mark, or brand, onto the hide of their animals so they could be identified. The word was adopted by the early marketeers when they started to use indefinable names or labels for their products and so branding was born.

Things have changed significantly from the early days of simple labelling with a whole industry having been built up around brand creation, brand promotion and brand management. Outside The Square will work with you to either create a brand from scratch or to rebrand an existing organisation.

Branding is not about taste or pretty logos, it is about following a process, the end product of which is the words and pictures that make up the brand - logo, style guide, copy platform, straplines and so on. If you want us to pitch for your branding excercise, we could show you a bunch of pretty logos but what would be the point. Instead we will sit down with you and explain the process and once you've got it, you'll know what to do next.
Outside The Square can act as your PR Agency managing your company profile in the media for you integrating PR into your overall marketing strategy to raise awareness of your brand, products and services.

Media lists
Research, create and maintain standing lists plus tactical campaign specific lists.

Media releases
Prepare and distribute releases by the publications' preferred method.

Case studies
Prepare case studies and application stories based on information from your customers and sales channels. Seek and gain approval prior to release.

Forward feature planning
Maintain a list of planned forward features to ensure inclusion of reviews.

Reacting to journalists
Provide press office facilities acting as first point of contact.

Setting the agenda
Creating and releasing 'White Papers" to create an authoritative position.
Oustide The Square Marketing

Creative Services

Our creative services include design from concept to artwork; copy from idea to publication and web from your ideas to the world.

Design without a brief is just art! We take pride in delivering high quality design to meet the requirements of even the most demanding client - this often involves helping the client develop their brief.

Outside The Square has created many brands for clients from scratch including developing the name and the logotype. In addition, we have taken existing brands and either refreshed them or undertaken a complete rebrand.

Sales collateral
The most visible embodiment of the brand is usually the communications pieces used by an organisation: this will include presentations, brochures and data sheets.


When creating a brand, one of the deliverables is a style guide. This lays out clearly how the brand should be used including; the logotype, fonts, imagery and photography as well as copy tone. We are just as capable of working with pre-existing guidelines as we are using brands we have created.

On-screen or off-the-page
Whether it is a web site, a brochure or an advertisement, we are familiar with producing media specific designs..
It's not what you say but the way that you say it? Clear, concise copy can be the key to clarity in customer communications.

Only words?
The words you use and the way you use them say a lot about your organisation.

Copy tone
The style of copy you choose to use can project the style of your business. We are equally skilled in writing formally, through relaxed to casually.

Copy consistency
'The Brand Police' will often focus in on graphic consistency and ignore some of the dross that often passes as copy however, consistency in copy is just as important as the pretty pictures.

Words and pictures
Brand is about creating an image that represents your products and services - making the copy style match the values and aspirations of your product is just as important, if not more so, than choosing the right Pantone colour for your logo. What's more, the words and pictures should work together to create the unified brand identity.

Writing for journalists
A sales piece should, by its very nature, be bursting with benefits - send out a benefit laden press release and it will end up in the bin!
Off-the page, online or broadcast we have been producing ads for the last 20 years or so. Customers are using rich media online on their own site or through 'broadcast' channels such as YouTube or Vimeo.

We have produced a couple of TV ads and have the capability but when it comes to advertising, our pedigree is more towards radio.

Radio is an effective way to reach a wide audience quickly and cost-effectively. As with any other type of advertising the approach varies depending on your business objectives; brand awareness, offer driven, direct response etc. We are able to manage the entire process from undertaking media research and planning, through to concept, scripting and production and post-campaign analysis to understand the effectiveness of your radio campaign.

Radio works well and especially in conjunction with online and traditional media to create a coordinated cross-media campaign.
Oustide The Square Marketing


Many organisations have moved away from print as their primary means of communication, so a well designed online presence is crucial.

We can generate a totally bespoke web site design that matches your current look and feel or that of a brand that we have developed.

Where we can, we use designs that are responsive; that means that the website will re-organise the content depending on the device that is viewing it so it displays on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Often, the best way to acheive a well designed website is to use one of our templates that can be integrated with our full content management system to give you an easy to use website.
We create intelligent web sites that deliver the functionality you require: content managed, e-commerce, rich-media, interactive – it’s up to you.

At entry level, we can build a simple set of pages that provide you with a web presence, we can make areas that you can update using a simple word processor style page so you can keep it fresh.

Content managed
We can build a fully Content Managed site using a Content Management System (CMS) that lets you add pages, move pages, edit them, upload content including pictures, video and audio – you can, for example, have dynamic content on the homepage that’s drawn from other areas of the site.

Fully featured
We can add our range of modules that include; member/client management, event management, interactive calendar, with complex interactivity and functionality or, our software engineers can develop bespoke modules to address specific needs.
We provide a fully integrated online management service.

We make sure that your website is search engine compliant with the basics including; robots.txt, meta tagging, submission to Google.

We will set up Google Analytics on your site so we can manage and monitor traffic, create a Google Place and if required, set up Google AdWords.

We will set up Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube accounts where appropriate.

Need help with a project?

Our Team

Our team is made up of people who work together on any given project, some are directly employed and others are highly qualified freelancers that work with us on a project by project basis.
Oustide The Square Marketing

Chris Papa

Group CEO

Chris is the suit; he's the guy with the drive, business sense and vision for the whole group.

Oustide The Square Marketing

David Doc Watson

Main Man

Doc is the brains and the heartbeat; he knows stuff, has done lots of stuff - some of it quite well.

Oustide The Square Marketing

Ian Standfast

The Designer

So Ian creates really good looking stuff, he's old-school trained and has even read books on typography.

Oustide The Square Marketing

Andrew Mitchell

The Bid Guy

Mitch is the man to help put your bid together; he's done it for years and has even won a few.





Don't miss our latest news and updates

Converged Alliance

The Converged Alliance is a new venture by Qubic Group plc to resell its hosted services and associated connectivity through a series of resellers know as Alliance Partners.

Project Description

The Converged Alliance is a carrier neutral, vendor independent, wholesale aggregator. Converged Alliance Partners will be able to ‘white-label’ resell a range of business grade hosted services and associated connectivity services.

Connectivity services range from business grade high-speed Direct Internet Access to enterprise gigabit fibre services along with bolt-on offerings such as QoS and SIP trunks.

Hosted services are delivered from UK datacentres through co-located or virtualised servers. We are a fully accredited Microsoft Partner; Alliance Partners can offer hosted versions of all the main Microsoft applications, including Office Suite, Exchange, Lync, SharePoint, CRM Dynamics and SQL, on a per user, per month basis. Hosted voice is provided using a combination of SIP trunks, QoS and hosted Mitel voice services which can all be resold.

The challenge Outside The Square was presented with was to create a corporate identity that positioned the business as a creditable provider within its marketplace and to launch the business. The initial soft launch was made through PR that was picked up by the main channel publications (eg Comms Dealer).

Project Features

Converged Alliance web

The Converged Alliance brand had to be created from scratch; the logo development process identified six potential graphic routes. The final selection was developed into a full stationery set.

Converged Alliance web

The Converged Alliance web site is a responsive web site that is running over a PHP based content management system (CMS). The site incorporates a Partner Portal that gives Alliance Partners access to exclusive and sensitive content.

Oustide The Square Marketing

A range of sales collateral has been developed to explain the concept to potential resellers. This comprises an overview brochure with specific product inserts.

Outside The Square


Athene House, 86 The Broadway, London NW7 3TD

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